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Visual Novel: Mourning Musashi Out Now!
A game has been released during the development of the space game. It's also written in C and using SDL2 and it's a visual novel (hi Lux-Pain). The title of the game is "Mourning Musashi." It details a one-night experience between a man and the foreign cook at an izakaya in Japan. Written in English. Wafu wafu will not be translating it unless there's someone to ask for it. Please enjoy. If it doesn't run, please leave a message.

Itch.io - Mourning Musashi

A new frontier
It's been a while since the website has been updated. Today it is being announced that a game is in the works. The tentative name is Kabushi. It's a space game. More will be posted as more is done: right now only the very bare bones are in place. The idea was generated a long time ago and a good amount was made in Unity, but Unity is terrible and C is a more flexible environment. It's being made with SDL2 now. Hopefully you will all enjoy the game. I am also putting translating on hold until it is finished. See you in space?

HELP! Dreamcast Hacking
It was decided that deSPIRIA is one of the games that should be translated. I am not really sure how to read the data from .bin files of Dreamcast games - my current idea is to find text from in-game and search for its binary-equivalent in the .bin data, but if it's compressed somehow that won't work.
If anybody knows how to hack dreamcast games or read the data from them, please reach out to WafuWafu translations! I would really love to talk with you.


Grand Opening
Finally, WafuWafu translations is open! Feel free to join the Discord, send an e-mail, or reach out through Kofi or Patreon if you're interested in translations. Commissions are open and any form of media is accepted so long as it gets through vetting.
To request commissions, please join the Discord or send an e-mail so that it can be discussed sufficiently. All the contact information is located underneath of "Contacts" above.
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  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5, Vento Aureo
  • Lux-Pain (DS)
  • deSPIRIA (Dreamcast)
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